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CAR Bomboniere creates objects to impress in memory the most beautiful moments of your life and the people who share them.
Items created to share joys, to remember and to be remebered. Items created with love, with passion for over 40 years.

Wedding favour Enzo Miccio

to accompany with elegance and style unique moments of your life wedding Favour gift Enzo Miccio logo

Carbomboniere over the years has always tried to innovate in the field of wedding favors creating unique collections and never dull. In this spirit did the collaboration with Enzo Micccio, the most famous Italian Wedding Designer who rose to prominence thanks to its spontaneity and its taste.

From this collaboration came the "Butterfly Collection", which stands out in the world of wedding favors thanks to the sophistication and quality of the materials with which it was made.

The "Butterfly Collection" consists of a series of unique and refined: Raise fine porcelain crafted by the finest craftsmen clubs, elegant chandelier, precious Frames Silver, Lamps fashion accessories and furniture, all embellished with a unique taste of Enzo Miccio.

Elegance and originality are traits that are common to each piece. As well as the articles even the packaging was designed to be one with the object to provide our customers with a product from the real added value.

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